Chapleau ATV Trails

The Chapleau area is spidered with hundreds of miles of game trails, old logging roads and snowmobile trails. These are perfect trails for ATVing. ATVers can just take off into the bush and explore lakes and Brook Trout streams that are almost never fished because you can only access them with an ATV. Another interesting thing about Chapleau is there is a town bylaw that allows ATVers to drive on the road. You can boot around town and have lots of fun. You are not limited to the bush.

There is no ATV club in Chapleau anymore, mostly due to tiny resident population and the lack of volunteers. As a result we do not have maps of trails available to us at this time. There are no volunteers to maintain any of the trails during the summer but they do get cleared in the winter. ATVers have to be careful and drive safely. ATVers that come to Chapleau need to have a good compass, especially when heading down uncharted game trails. You can get maps of the snowmobile trails here.

ATVers can buy parts, fluids and accessories in town.

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