Brook Trout Fishing

Many guests are very surprised with the Brook Trout (Speckled Trout) fishing opportunities in the Chapleau region. We have beautiful streams and several lakes in the area with great trout fishing opportunities.

Brook Trout Steams & Rivers:
There are several nice Brook Trout streams in the area. Driving time can be between 15 minutes and an hour depending on what stream you want to go to. Generally in the streams most of the trout are smaller. You can expect to catch them in the 8-inch to 16-inch range. However, guests have told us that they have lost Brook Trout that were considerably bigger. Most guests just want the nice pan fryers because they taste the best. The biggest appeal of fishing a stream is having the freedom to explore the stream and get out into the deep bush. There is nothing more enjoyable than walking along a cold trout stream out in the wilderness on a warm summer's day. If you want really big Brook Trout then you need to fish the lakes.

Brook Trout Lakes:
There are several lakes between a 10 and a 60 minute drive where you can catch Brook Trout, Lake Trout and Splake. Most trout are natural occurring however there are three lakes relatively close to the lodge that have been stocked with Brook Trout and Splake. In the lakes, the Brook Trout can get much bigger than in the streams. These lakes produce 3 and 4-pound Brook Trout and we have even heard of 5-pounders being caught.

Many of these lakes are remote and hard to get to with a car because they are on old logging roads, non-maintained roads or 4x4 trails. Ideally if you want to take advantage of the fantastic trout fishing in the area you should have a pick-up truck, Jeep or SUV with a trailer hitch and 2-inch ball. 4x4 drive is an added bonus in the spring when some of the roads are muddy. Some of the lakes are accessible with a car but you still need a trailer hitch.

We can have boat caches on these trout lakes but due to the theft of some of our boats and motors in the past we have changed to a new tactic. We have fishing boats on trailers ready to go. You just hook them up to your hitch and you are on your way. You can also bring your own boat or canoe.

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