Activities & Attractions

There are lots of fun summer activities for the whole family at the lodge along with some interesting activities and attractions in the Chapleau area. Even though our comfortable cottages and fantastic fishing are the main attractions of the lodge, families also have the opportunity to take the kids to do and see other things, which will be memories they keep for a lifetime. For the adults there is a new spa in town where you can go for a few hours and be pampered.

Activities at our Lodge:
· Swimming at the Beach
· Hiking
· Mountain Biking
· Canoeing
· Wildlife Photography
· Catching frogs and other critters
· Blueberry Picking
· Campfire
· Bird Watching
· ATVing
· Scenic Drives

Local Attractions & Activities
· Potholes Provincial Park
· Tours of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve
· Chapleau Recreation & Community Complex
· Billiards / Pool Hall
· 9 hole Golf course
· Pimii Kamik Native Crafts
· The Woods' Spa (Facebook)

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