Walleye Fishing

Our lodge is located on McLennan Lake, which is about 10 miles south of Chapleau. Our lake is smaller than some of the big lakes in the area. It is a crystal clear lake and for this reason, has to be fished in the evening only for walleye. The Walleye are common in the 1 to 3 pound range and on occasion bigger Walleyes in the 4 to 5-pound range get caught. There are trophy Walleyes in the lake but it's very rare to see a 10-pounder. There are those exceptional days where the Walleyes are just feeding like crazy.

It is not uncommon to catch over 100 walleye in a 4 hour period in one of the nearby lakes in the area. We don't want you to think that you will see action like that on McLennan Lake but you can catch some nice walleye and it happens all the time on our drive-to lakes.

We promote catch & release on the home lake and ask that all Walleyes between 17.1 and 28 inches be released as they are in their prime spawning age. Another reason why we have a good Walleye population is because there is a high population of feeder fishing in the lake such as Whitefish, Dace, Suckers and some perch.

McLennan Lake is not the main focus of our Walleye fishing. We have an 85% repeat business with our guests that are fanatical about Walleye because of all the fishing opportunities in the area. We have a dozen other Walleye lakes within a 10 to 60 minute drive from the lodge. Many of these lakes are remote and hard to get to with a car because they are on old logging roads, non-maintained roads or 4x4 trails. Ideally if you want to take advantage of the fantastic Walleye fishing in the area you should have a pick-up truck, jeep or SUV with a trailer hitch and 2-inch ball. 4x4 drive is an added bonus in the spring when some of the roads are muddy. Some of the lakes are accessible with a car but you still need a trailer hitch.

We had boat caches on some of the Walleye lakes but due to theft of our boats & motors in the past and how it affected our insurance premiums, we changed to a new tactic. We have fishing boats on trailers ready to go. You just hook them up to your hitch and you are on your way.

Walleye fishing in the other lakes is awesome. The smaller lakes tend to produce high numbers of smaller Walleyes in the 1 to 3 pound range. We have had guests tell us they have caught 60 to 150 Walleyes in a day. The bigger lakes produce bigger Walleyes but the Walleyes are also more spread out and harder to find.On the big lakes you have a good chance at catching a Walleye in the 7 to 10 pound range. When you catch a trophy Walleye please take a picture and let it go. A 10-pound Walleye is a female and can produce 500,000 eggs per year. There are also 30 male Walleye for each female so it's imperative that you only keep the 2-pounders for eating.

Prime Walleye fishing is either very early in the morning or evening especially on sunny days. On cloudy days, you have a little more leeway. We instruct our guests to fish other species like northern pike, trout and smallmouth bass during the day and fish walleye after supper until dark.

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