Northern Pike Fishing

Lakes in the Chapleau area are home to a healthy population of Northern Pike and also produce some big trophies. Northern Pike in the south grow much faster but with warmer water there are also more parasites so Northern Pike rarely get over 10 pounds before they parish. In the far north towards the tree line and into the arctic tundra it's the exact opposite. Northern Pike live to be very old and become larger because of the clean water but they also grow a lot slower because the water is so cold and unfertile. Chapleau seems to be in the goldilocks zone where Northern Pike grow fast and live to a ripe old age. With a high population of Whitefish in our local lakes the Northern Pike are well fed and can get big.

Our lodge is located on McLennan Lake, which is a smaller lake and does have pike in it. On occasion, you can catch a nice size Northern Pike in the 12 to 16-pound range but that is not something that happens every week and not something you can expect.

If you are specifically looking for Northern Pike then you have a much better chance at one of the bigger lakes in the area. We have a dozen other Northern Pike lakes within a 10 to 60 minute drive from the lodge. Many of these lakes are remote and hard to get to with a car because they are on old logging roads, non-maintained roads or 4x4 trails. Ideally if you want to take advantage of the fantastic Northern Pike fishing in the area you should have a pick-up truck, Jeep or SUV with a trailer hitch and 2-inch ball. 4x4 drive is an added bonus in the spring when some of the roads are muddy. Some of the lakes are accessible with a car but you still need a trailer hitch.

We can have boat caches on these Northern Pike lakes but due to the theft of some of our boats and motors in the past we changed to a new tactic. We have fishing boats on trailers ready to go. You just hook them up to your hitch and you are on your way. You can also bring your own boat.

Northern Pike in some of the bigger lakes do get big. Bigger lakes will produce high numbers and if you are targeting big Northern Pike and focusing on places where big Pike will ambush prey you have a very good chance of catching a big one in the 15 to 20 pound range. This is explained on our pike fishing tips page. Luckily attitudes are changing and everybody lets the big trophies go. Catch & release has had a huge impact on the trophy Northern Fishery everywhere in Ontario and every year guests are catching trophies more frequently.

The best time to fish for Northern Pike is around mid morning until late afternoon. As the sun starts to go down the angle of the sunlight is producing less light penetration into the water. At this time the Northern Pike slow down and even stop feeding. This is probably why the Walleyes start feeding.

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