2009 Black Bear Hunting Photos

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Dear Doug & Roxann,

Thank you so much for helping us have the honeymoon of a Lifetime! Our hunts were amazing, the fishing was great, the lodge and scenery were beautiful and the hunters here were a blast to get to know! We had fun from day one! We are already thinking about coming back in a couple of years for round two! We are also planning on having you cook for us, from what we hear, your meals were spectacular! We will definitely be telling everyone about Moose Horn Lodge and all of the memories we have made here!

Thanks so much for everything and we hope to see you again soon!


Levi & Melissa Pitford

Doug and Roxann

Thank you so much for an incredible week. I have hunted Whitetails all over the US, but I now learned that hunting Black Bear is nothing alike. Thank you for your knowledge and your seemingly tireless support. Weather baiting a site or cooking the most incredible dinners you guys were always there to help.Between this and the cabins I can't think of any better way to spend a week. Thanks again, and by the way, That was the MOST incredible blueberry pie I have ever had. When I tell folks about the hunt, I talk about all the bear I saw but then I give every intimate detail about that bluberry pie. Hope to see you again next year and God Bless



I thank you for the great hunts. I have hunted bear at Moosehorn Lodge with Roxann and Doug three times and each time was great. If anyone is interested in hunting black bear, then I would recommend that you hunt with Roxann and doug. Each time I hunted I saw a good black bear. The accommodations are great and do not skip eating dinner with Roxann, it is always great. As you see I feel I got a good deal from Roxann and Doug and I highly recommend this hunt to everyone.

Sam Dunkin

Lessons Learned

Last year was my first adventure in hunting black bear. I joined a friend who had previously been to the Moose Horn Lodge and we drove to Chapleau, Canada. Once we arrived, we were guided to our hunting locations and set up our blinds for the hunt. Each day we departed by 2:00 p.m. from the lodge to hunt our location until dark shortly after 9:00 p.m., and then walked the trial back to the main road to be picked up. Each day I sat patiently at the bait sight waiting to encounter a black bear. Everyone else was having success in seeing and harvesting a black bear and I listened to their stories and sought their wisdom. I learned that that you have to remain still and that you will not hear the black bear as they approach, they just show up. If they get spooked they will probably return.

Each day, I sat quietly in my blind 14 yards from the bait sight hoping to harvest a black bear with my bow and arrow. Nothing seemed to be working. The bear were not coming to my bait site. Doug continued adding bait each day and I was encouraged to hang in there. On the last day of the hunt, I sat quietly. As the hours passed by, I began to doubt that I was going to see a bear. With 10 minutes left of hunting light, I gave up. I removed my release, put the arrow in the quiver, and placed my bow in the soft sided case. I began to zip the case close and looked up and saw a large boar (male bear) 25 yards from me. With my heart pounding, I hurriedly got the archery equipment back out of the case. By the time I was ready; the bear had approached to 14 yards and was standing next to the bait site, facing my direction, cautiously sniffing the air. I waited for the bear to turn towards the bait and was going to draw once it stopped at the bait. He turned and passed behind the bait, quickly disappearing into the woods. The last five minutes of my hunt I waited for him to return. My hunting buddy arrived and signaled for me. I gathered my belongings and departed. I learned that you need to have confidence in your hunting location and never give up hunting until it is time to leave.

I returned this year with excitement. On the way to the lodge, we spotted several bears. Doug guided us to our hunting locations and we set up our blinds. The bait sites had already been hit at each of our hunting locations. On the third day, I experienced a close encounter of the furry kind. A large boar (male bear) approached my blind from behind to check me out. When I began moving slightly he quickly ran away and returned immediately back to the bait sight that was 14 yards away. As he stood sideways at the bait, I drew back and placed the arrow behind his front leg for a double-lung shot. He ran twenty yards and dropped. There laid my first black bear; a seven foot - 300 pound bruin. What a trophy.

Thank you Doug and Roxann for hosting a memorable hunting experience. I would greatly recommend this hunt to anyone interested in a black bear hunt. The accommodations and meals are excellent.

In Christ's Service

Keith Mack - Fort Worth, Texas - 2009

"Very warm & friendly welcoming. The accommodations had everything needed for preparing your own meals. Doug had worked very hard in baiting the bears in which I had seen plenty on the bait stands which in turn made my hunt successful. I hope to return to Moose Horn Lodge next year for hunting bear.

Thanks Doug & Roxann for the great time.

Chad Mills
Benzonia, Mi

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