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June 17-24

We had lots of fishermen this week and they did great as usual.  Our oldest party was here this week and this was their 41st year.  My how time flies.  It seems like yesterday that I was 20 when they first showed up. It’s always nice to see them. The weather was terrible for the first 4 days with nothing but rain but it finally cleared up on Wednesday.  It didn’t seem to hurt the fishing though.IMG_0045 (Medium) IMG_0050 (Medium)

June 10-17th week

IMG_0032 (Medium)Sorry, a little late with the update again.  That’s what happens when you are busy.  It was a great week of fishing but unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of pictures.  I’m depending on the guests to come through on their promises of emailing them to me.

Trophy Bear

Sorry I’m a little late on last week’s post.  It was the last week of the bear hunt and it was very successful for the most part.  Everyone but 2 people saw bear, a party of 4 all got theirs and one of our hunters who has been with us for 40 years shot his biggest bear ever.  We also had a camp full of fishermen and they had a great week as well.  The weather was hot and beautiful and the mosquitoes were out in full force.IMG_9935 - Copy (Medium) IMG_9938 - Copy (Medium)

A great hunting week

We are full force into our spring bear hunt and it’s feels great.  The bears are bigger and the hides are a lot nicer in the spring than in the fall.  Hopefully our past fall hunters will convert to the spring hunt.  I tried to convince them but maybe once they see the pictures on the website, they will be converted.  We had 5 hunters and ended up with 4 bears and 1 wound so 100%.IMG_9875 (Medium)






The season has begun

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything since February.  We ended up having an extremely busy winter with tons of snowmobilers that I cooked for and then once that season was over, we were full of contractors that were working on various jobs during the early spring so we have had absolutely no down time this year.

It looks like a busy summer ahead of us.  Our fishing and hunting season started last week with not the best weather conditions but the guys did pretty well.  I would say that weather wise, we are behind at least 2 to 3 weeks.  I guess we are paying for the mild winter that we had.

I will be starting to post reports and pictures weekly now, so enjoy!IMG_9840 (Medium) IMG_1332 (Medium)

Winter update!

IMG_2406 (Medium)

I haven’t posted anything since November so I thought that it was about time.  We closed down all but one cottage for the winter and I must say that we have been extremely to the point where not only have we rented out the large cottage but also the 5 bedrooms in the main lodge on a fairly consistent basis.  We have had a lot of workers staying with us on and off and now we are into the snowmobiling season.  We have had a few snowmobilers so far that have spent the night and that I have cooked dinner and breakfast for.  All were very impressed with the accommodations and food and described us as in a class of our own, which is nice to hear.  We received a ton of snow last night so the snowmobile season will be in full swing.  We have also had a group of fishermen that were here for a week to do some trout fishing and snowmobiling.  They had a great time touring the many roads that were untouched by other snowmobilers and had some great speckled trout fishing as well.  We are almost booked up for the summer and just in the process of plugging up some empty spots here and there.  It looks like another busy year.  IMG_2428 (Medium) IMG_2432 (Medium)

The end of the moose hunt

img_9158-mediumWell the moose hunt is almost over and we just have one more party coming in for the last kick at the cat.  There have been lots of moose seen and the last party got a calf.  We have had wonderful fall weather and it looks like it is going to continue for a little while longer.  I can wait until December for the snow to come and hopefully it will come in like a lion and bring those snowmobilers to our door.  Looking forward to a busy winter.

Moose Hunt is here

Our moose hunt has begun and the guys who have our bull tag hunted a whole hour before getting their moose.  Kind of par for the course for them.  We still have a bunch of grouse hunters camp and another party of moose hunters with more to come today and tomorrow.  Another busy week in store.img_9093-medium img_9099-medium

Back to work

We just returned from a holiday in Ireland and Scotland and it’s time to get back to work.  We had a great time but we are happy that we are home.  The lodge was very busy while we were gone but it was in the very capable hands on our son-in-law and daughter.  Apparently the fishing was great and the last week or so, we have had a lot of grouse hunters.  I would say that most guys shot at least 10 birds each and many hunters, more than that. There are still lots of leaves on the trees so that slows things down a bit but all in all, I think everyone was pretty happy with their success rate.big-pike-medium img_9080-medium