Back to work

We just returned from a holiday in Ireland and Scotland and it’s time to get back to work.  We had a great time but we are happy that we are home.  The lodge was very busy while we were gone but it was in the very capable hands on our son-in-law and daughter.  Apparently the fishing was great and the last week or so, we have had a lot of grouse hunters.  I would say that most guys shot at least 10 birds each and many hunters, more than that. There are still lots of leaves on the trees so that slows things down a bit but all in all, I think everyone was pretty happy with their success rate.big-pike-medium img_9080-medium

Aug. 27-Sept. 3 Bear Hunt


This is the second and last week of our bear hunt and it couldn’t have gone any better.  It was a great hunt with 1 guy getting his bear in about an hour of starting his hunt, 3 guys hunted 2 days and got their bears and the last guy hunted 3 days before getting his.  Everyone was done by Monday night. IMG_8181 (Medium) IMG_8214 (Medium)We are looking forward to next spring.

Aug. 21-27

Well we took a week break from the bear hunt and we are back into fishing and I must say that it was another great week.  The weather was beautiful, the guests were great and the fishing was fantastic.  I’m still waiting for guys to email me their pictures and once I get them, they will be up on the website.  Here a couple that we have so far.from Gary (Medium) IMG_8148 (Medium)

Aug. 15-21- Bear hunt has started

IMG_8124 (Medium) IMG_8127 (Medium)Our bear hunt started this week.  The baits have been hit everyday since July 11th when Doug started to bait.  Our area covers 1200 square miles in the Chapleau area so that’s a lot of bears.  The government on Ontario has brought back the spring bear hunt, therefore, this will be our last fall hunt as we will be going back to the spring hunt only.  Biologically it is the proper hunt to have as it targets the males while the fall hunt has produced more females.  Also comparing the 2 hunts, we find that the spring hunt hides are nicer and the meat taste better.  We are starting to get bookings for our spring hunt and we are glad to have it back for however long it last.

Aug. 6-13

Sorry but I am a little behind on my post.  It has been extremely busy here and the paperwork has been put on the back burner.  This week was a great week of fishing and Doug and IIMG_8098 (Medium) IMG_8102 (Medium) even took an afternoon off to take some guests on a little adventure.  It was a great day.  The weather has been hot but enjoyable because we know that fall and winter are just around the corner.  These are pictures of fish that Doug and I caught on our trip.  We walleye was 23 and the pike was 34.  We threw both of them back as we never keep any walleye over 18″ because those are the best breeders and the pike was much too nice to keep.  We urge all of our customers to release the big ones and we are happy to say that more and more of them are listening and do so.

July 27-Aug. 3


IMG_8057 (Medium)It was a little tougher this week because of the hot weather.  Everyone in camp was repeat this week and knew how to fish the area so they had to adjust their fishing times accordingly but all in all, it didn’t turn out too badly.IMG_8048 (Medium)

July 23-30 Great fishing week

fishing 2016 (Medium)Fantastic weather this week and fantastic fishing.  We had mostly new parties this week and all learned very quickly and had no problem catching as many walleye and pike as they wanted.  This young man is very proud of his catch and I think that the gentleman is as well.IMG_8046 (Medium)

July 16-23 Fishing is great

We had some hot weather this past week but the fishing has continued to be very good.  We are encouraging all of our customers that catch any walleye 18″ and over to take a picture and through them back so that our fishery continues to be great.  We are finding that almost all of them have no problem doing so and in fact, they like the 15″-17″ range better for eating.

image20 (Medium)IMG_20160719_082247452 1 (Medium)